Welcome to the official Pickering Tire 'N' Mag Inc. web site.

Pickering Tire 'N' Mag Inc. has been in business for over fifteen years and it's management and staff have over three decades of experience in the wheel and tire industry. Pickering Tire 'N' Mag inc. is the one stop shop for your entire wheel and tire needs.

Pickering Tire 'N' Mag inc. has an inventory of over 2000 tires in stock ranging in sizes from 12"-26", and also has over 500 different styles and sizes of steel and aluminium mag wheels. Whether it be a tire repair, a complete set of wheels and tires, or even wheel repair and refinishing let Pickering Tire 'N' Mag Inc. take care of you.

Some people see buying new tires a hassle or even an expense. Buying the right tire is an investment in your safety and well being. You can rest assure knowing that your vehicle was done right at Pickering Tire 'N' Mag Inc.