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Pickering Tire 'N' Mag Inc. has over 2000 tires in stock every single day of the year. Thus making us the largest tire retailer in the Durham area. We have everything from all season touring, snow tires, light truck and high performance tires. We are authorized dealers of all the major manufacturers, which enables us to buy directly and in turn makes our prices the most competitive. Being an authorized dealer also makes warranty claims a simple and worry free experience.

We've done it all from lawn tractors to Ferraris. Our experienced staff has the knowledge to outfit your vehicle with the best tire for your everyday needs, to your custom applications, or even for competitive racing.

When it comes to tires, come to the professionals. Don't be fooled if a large department store is selling their PRIVATE brand tires at a cheap price. In the end you'll get what you have paid for. We pride ourselves on the fact that we're knowledgeable about the industry, install and balance tires correctly and can generally have your car done within 1/2 an hour. So whether it be a new set of four, balance or a rotation give us a call so we can help you.

How to read the sidewall of a tire:

225/60R16 89V M+S

225 - Section Width in Millimetres.

60 - Aspect Ratio, 60% of the section width
gives you the height of the side wall.

R - Stands for Radial (standard)
B - Bias Ply

16 - Wheel Diameter

89 - Load Index Rating

V - The Tires Speed Rating

M+S - Mud & Snow (All Season)