Pickering Tire 'N' Mag Inc. has over 500 different wheel styles in stock ranging from 14"-26". Our knowledgeable staff can help you find the right size and fitment for your application. With many different styles and finishes of wheels on display we are able to broaden the horizon for first, second and third time buyers.

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Wheel Knowledge

What are the different types of finishes?

Painted: A wheel that has a base colour with a clear coat to seal it. These generally come in silver, black, white, gold and other various colours.

Poweder coat: Very similar result to that of a painted wheel. Powder coated wheels are more durable and can come in variety of colours and finishes. The most recognizable difference with Powder coated wheels is the "hyper" finishes which almost mimic chrome.

Machined: A machined surface, which is not polished or painted. A clear coat finish protects the surface against corrosion. A raw aluminium look.

Polished: Aluminium that has been sanded with fine sandpaper and then is high polished to bring out a rich shine. This finish is not clear coated and is not suggested for winter use.

Chrome Plated: An aluminium wheel that has been delicately finished to remove imperfections and highly polished. It's then dipped in a nickel bath for base plating. Then is dipped in numerous chrome baths. Final product is a deep shine with a mirror finish.

Wheel Repair, Refinishing and Polishing:

Pickering Tire 'N' Mag Inc. is able to fix, straighten and refinish most wheels. Our specialist can generally fix the worst of wheels. If trying to replace an old or dicontinued wheel is not possible, fixing and refinishing is always the best alternative.